Heavy Duty Industrial Digital Platform Weigh Scale

This elegantly  Heavy Duty Digital Electronic Computing Platform Scale provides you with accurate and precise weight for all of your professional and industrial needs.

Built for the long run, this ergonomically designed digital scale will last you for years. Perfect for Warehouse, Industrial, Office, Farm, Stores etc.


More Features

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150 KGS – Digital Weighing Scale with Grills

Was: Sh. 10,000/=

Now: Sh. 5,999/=

300KGS – Digital Weighing Scale without Grills

Was: Sh. 11,000/=

Now: Sh. 6,999/=

300KGS – Digital Weighing Scale with Grills

Was: Sh. 12,000/=

Now: Sh. 8,499/=

600KGS – Digital Weighing Scale with Grills

Was: Sh. 20,000/=

Now: Sh. 14,499/=

Pay on Delivery Nationwide

We will send a rider to deliver to you if within Nairobi and Kiambu. Delivery fee is from Sh. 200-500 depending on location.

Outside these areas, we use G4S Courier Services. The delivery fee is Sh. 500 only.

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